Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia - 6th of December

December 6. Early morning.

Shhh...most children go and check their boots to see whether "Santa" Nicholas has brought them candy and gifts. This is just one of the "traditions" that people have associated the Saint's figure with; he is also said to appear on a white horse, as a symbol of the first snows at the beginning of December. However, Saint Nicholas was a real person, a bishop from Myra, who lived at the beginning of the 4th century. In addition, he is the patron saint of sailors, children, students, etc.

There are many deeds and miracles that are attributed to him. He is celebrated not only in the Orthodox part of the world, but also in Italy, Hunagry, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Portugal or the Netherlands.

Since we received candy last Saturday, an early gift from Saint Nicholas, it means we have all been good :-)



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